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BBC Launches Search For Multicultural Sitcom Writers

British Emmy Nominee: Michael Sheen – Why No ’30 Rock’ Nod?

Michael Sheen has played Tony Blair three times, and it’s a testament to Sheen’s immense talent that he’s brought new levels of depth to the character with each passing portrayal. He played the former UK prime minister …

Reality TV Becomes Royalty TV: Prince Harry Joins Goldie for On-Air Talent Search

Reality TV will get the royal treatment when Prince Harry joins up with British drum and bass DJ Goldie to produce Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment, a talent show that gives 12 musicians the opportunity to perform in a concert …

Happy 27th Birthday, Mika!

The Lebanese-born British singer Mika turns 27 today. Known for his Freddie Mercury-esque flamboyance, Ramen Noodle tangle of hair, and multi-octave prowess, he launched onto the UK music scene in 2007 with a great deal of hype before …

Doctor Who Fans, What If THIS Were Left On Your Door?

Whoever made this image (see right) is absolutely brilliant. I tweeted it this morning and asked all of the Doctor Who fans what they would think if they received a “While You Were Out” message from the Timelord’s …

Finger Fail: BBC Weatherman Flips the Bird on Live TV

Poor BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker. He tried to play it off by pretending like he was scratching his chin. Multiple fails on many levels.

Eddie Izzard Ends His ‘Race’ on the Great White Way

Anglophenia contributor Paul Hechinger looks at comedian Eddie Izzard‘s headlining stint in David Mamet‘s Race, which ends August 21st on Broadway.

The Saturdays: Always Ready For The Weekend

This is a post from Anglophenia contributor Lindsay Davis, bringing you some of the hottest tunes from across the pond.

British Emmy Nominee: Archie Panjabi from ‘The Good Wife’

The Primetime Emmy awards are just 13 days away. Shall we look at a few of the nominees with accents?

The Third Emma Thompson Controversy in As Many Weeks

Emma Thompson has clearly taken Russell Brand‘s place as the primary piss-taker in the UK press. We won’t outline the furors in which the two-time Academy Award winner has become embroiled in the past two weeks – you …