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by Michael Cree

We’re heading into the last week of World Cup. Anglophenia blogger Michael Cree dares to predict who’ll come out on top in the final July 11. – KW

And we’re down to the final 8!

Instead of re-capping, lets be progressive. Let’s look forward. Lets outline the chances of the 8 remaining teams vying for World Cup glory.

Argentina vs. Germany

What a game this promises to me. The old joke is that one never writes off the Germans until they’re on the bus on the way to the airport. Not fancied pre-tournament, once again, Germany has surprised everybody. Much like the Germans, the Argentines have been scintillating in this year’s tournament. Gonzalo Higuain has been finding the net regularly. Tevez, too. Your humble guide said at the start of this tournament that he fancied Argentina. And, despite the efficiency of the Germans (whatever else), there’s no change in stance. Argentina 2-1 Germany.

Uruguay vs. Ghana

The great thing in many people’s eyes is that one of these lesser soccer nations is going to contest one of the semifinal match-ups. Ghana, the U.S.’s tormentor, has been physical and speedy throughout its games so far. The Uruguayans have also played with speed, but they are much more clinical in front of goal. Predicting this game is tough. Uruguay 1-0 Ghana.

Netherlands vs. Brazil

Arguably the tie of the quarterfinals, this will be tight. Both teams love to play quick, open soccer.  Two of the best passing teams in the tournament, it could come down to who controls the midfield. The Dutch are the underdogs, but only very slightly. This should be a very interesting match, though after its performance in the second round, when they looked a little jaded, Netherlands could be seen off by one piece of Brazilian magic. Netherlands 2-2 Brazil (Brazil to win in extra-time).

Paraguay vs. Spain

On paper, this should be easy for the Spanish. Yes, the Paraguayans have played well so far, but no one outside of Asuncion must be feeling confident. Everybody knows how good Spain is. If it plays well, Paraguay is likely to have played its last game. But for the record, I’ll be rooting for them. Paraguay 0-3 Spain.


Uruguay vs. Brazil – Brazil wins

Argentina vs. Spain – Argentina wins


Brazil vs. Argentina



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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.