Being Human/Doctor Who Crossover Unlikely, Says Whithouse

A couple of BBCA Facebook fans submitted questions about a possible Being Human crossover with Doctor Who, given writer Toby Whithouse‘s relationship with both shows. Whithouse tells io9 it’s extremely unlikely: “The thing about Being Human is that Being Human takes place in our world. That’s what we’ve always tried to do…And with Doctor Who, Doctor Who exists in the Doctor Who world in that the world knows about the existence of aliens, they get invaded every Christmas. So that’s a very different world. Being Human is much more rooted in our world. So I don’t think it could happen.”

By the way, Aidan Turner remains the sole primary Being Human cast member who hasn’t guest-starred on Doctor Who. After watching Mitchell evolve in Season Two, I think he could play a crackin’ villain. How ’bout it, Tobes?

Kevin Wicks

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