Monthly Archives: May 2010

Check Out Gavin & Stacey’s Mathew Horne in a Dramatic Role

Critics loved BBC’s new Boy George biopic, Worried About the Boy, which premiered last night in the UK. But the Culture Club singer himself was not as complimentary about the film on Twitter: “Verdict, beautifully shot & …

Crowe Brings Star Power, Drama to Robin Hood Press Tour


Where’s the Clip of Adam Ant’s Church Rant?

Troubled rocker Adam Ant swore, ranted, and stormed off stage at a church charity gig, offending many in the audience, according to reports. The Sun says that Adam sang “Sympathy for the Devil” and attempted “a duet …

Twins: Peep Show’s David Mitchell and Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan?

We’ve seen a lot of web chatter about President Obama‘s latest Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. People have questioned her credentials and even her sexual orientation.

The BAFTA Television Award Nominees Have Been Announced

Three months ago, the BAFTAs were handed out to the best and brightest of the film world.

Celebrities React To UK Election Day

While Britain tries to sort out this whole hung parliament stalemate, The Daily Mirror has gathered the celebrity reactions to yesterday’s UK election. NME also has compiled the best tweets of the rich and famous.

British Pop Duo La Roux Breaks the U.S. with “Bulletproof”

Being the thorough Anglophile that I am, I always applaud the U.S. success of a British recording artist. (Well, except when it’s James Blunt, and thank God that was short-lived.)

Beesley, Simm, Warren: Hottest Cast Ever?

Talk about an A-Team: Max Beesley (Survivors), John Simm (Doctor Who, Life On Mars), and Marc Warren (Hustle) will be starring together in a “new four-part drama for Sky One called Mad Dogs,” reports The Stage. It’s …

So Long, Georgy Girl: Lynn Redgrave Dies at 67

Actress Lynn Redgrave, twice Oscar-nominated actress and sister of Vanessa Redgrave, has died of breast cancer at age 67. This has been a rough year for the Redgrave acting dynasty.