Monthly Archives: April 2010

M.I.A. Disses Lady Gaga, Calls Her a “Great Mimic”


Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren Dead

Malcolm McLaren, famed manager of The Sex Pistols, died of cancer today in New York at 64. NME, The Guardian, BBC NEWS, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of London, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times are all covering …

Matt Smith Responds to BBC AMERICA Viewer Question

Facebook fan Nancy Alegria asked Doctor Who star Matt Smith, “I understand that you really liked Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. Which other past Doctors will be an influence on your portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor?

Sean Connery Coulda Kilt Somebody

Sir Sean Connery hosted this year’s “Dressed To Kilt” fashion event in New York. The charity show, part of NYC’s Scotland Week, features plaid-clad models on the catwalk and raises money for wounded …

The UK Response to New Doctor Who: “Refreshing!” “Terrific!”

I’ve been monitoring the UK web chatter after the premiere of Doctor Who this weekend. How did British viewers respond to Matt Smith‘s new Doctor?

Aussie Kylie Minogue is Britain’s Top Celebrity

According to a marketing research firm’s study, the No. 1 celeb in Britain is Australian-born pop icon Kylie Minogue. Britain’s 25-year love affair with this woman is interesting.