Bowties Are In, Thanks to Doctor Who

Matt Smith‘s Doctor continues to send waves throughout the fashion world. A British necktie retailer has seen a huge increase in bowtie sales since the premiere of Doctor Who, according to The Daily Telegraph. The paper talked to a spokesman for Topman, who says:

“Since the new Doctor Who aired we have seen a dramatic rise in bow tie sales, in the last month up sales have increased by 94%.

“Last week alone they accounted for 14% of all our tie sales – whereas over the last 6 months they have been only taking around 3% of our tie sales.

“It appears that the Doctor’s fondness for bow ties has been picked up by some of our shoppers and has translated into extra sales.”

Mark my words: we’ll see bowties sailing down the runways of Paris by year’s end. Trust, people.

By the way, here’s a clip from this weekend’s episode, “Victory of the Daleks,” which airs tomorrow night at 9/8c.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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