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Bowties Are In, Thanks to Doctor Who

Matt Smith‘s Doctor continues to send waves throughout the fashion world. A British necktie retailer has seen a huge increase in bowtie sales since the premiere of Doctor Who, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Gervais, Pattinson Amongst Time Magazine’s Most Influential Brits

Brits Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, Banksy, Robert Pattinson, and Sir Elton John made Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list, which was announced today.

Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out on Bret Michaels’ Health Problems

Sharon Osbourne is “devastated” over Bret Michaels‘ brain hemorrhage that has left him hospitalized in critical condition. Osbourne and Michaels are both contestants on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, but …

Piers Morgan: I Could Be the New Barbara Walters

Could Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan become NBC’s answer to Barbara Walters? He wants to bring his UK show, Life Stories, across the pond.

Dame Helen Mirren: Why Do Brits Always Play Villains?

Britain’s Got Talent: Would the Next Susan Boyle Please Stand Up?

The season premiere of Britain’s Got Talent netted a record 12 million viewers this weekend in the UK.

Doctor Who: Interview with Piers Wenger and Beth Willis

Doctor Who executive producers Piers Wenger and Beth Willis were in the BBC AMERICA offices, and we grabbed them for a quick sit-down interview. They discuss taking over a legendary TV franchise and the possibility of filming in the …

Doctor Who Fans Talk To

Before Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat gave their Q&A inside the Soho Apple Store on Tuesday, fans spoke to me outside. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Video: Doctor Who Event at the Soho Apple Store in NYC

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat participated in a fan Q&A at the Apple Store in Soho, Manhattan yesterday. Fans turned up in full force for the event.

Another Britpop Band Calls It Quits: Supergrass

Just months after Oasis came to their bitter end, you can throw another body on the ole funeral pyre – the boys of Supergrass have announced that the band is splitting after 17 years. Their most famous tracks – …