First Photos Released of John Barrowman on Desperate Housewives

  • AfterElton has the exclusive first pics of Torchwood’s John Barrowman on Desperate Housewives. He looks great.
  • Sharon Osbourne, a contestant on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, is unhappy with her breast implants: “It is like [having] a waterbed on your chest. I hate my [breasts]. I want to have the bags taken out – then I will put them on eBay.” (Daily Mail)
  • The Daily Mail is trying to start some s*** between Carey Mulligan and boyfriend Shia LaBeouf, posting pics of Mulligan “openly flirting” with fellow Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner at the Vanity Fair party. However, in new paparazzi photos, Mulligan and LeBeouf showed they were still very much a couple.
  • Is Peaches Geldof dating horror director (and Inglourious Basterds star) Eli Roth?(The Sun)
  • A little blue in the face: check out celebs like Amy Winehouse and Jonathan Ross as Na’vi people. (Daily Mail)
  • Pink Floyd is suing their label, EMI, over royalties from online sales. Pink Floyd’s lawyer says the band’s recording contract specifies that “their albums are to be sold as a whole with tracks in a specified order and not as singles.”(Business Week)
  • Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy, who was once cast on David Tennant‘s pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, is now joining the USA Network CIA drama, Covert Affairs. Ramamurthy once appeared on the British drama, Ultimate Force, which aired on BBC AMERICA.
  • Jude Law thinks the Sherlock Holmes sequel will begin filming sometime this year!(Cinema Blend)
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