Leona Lewis Admits Fear After Book Signing Attack

  • In The Daily Mail, Leona Lewis opens up about being attacked by a deranged fan at a London book signing last fall: “I feel completely devastated by this attack. Now I am very frightened about going out in public and I don’t know where the next attack will come from and if this will be more serious than what has just happened.”
  • Avatar knocks down another record: it is now the highest-grossing movie ever in the UK. The film has already reached that milestone globally and in the U.S.(Guardian)
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are suing News of the World after the British newspaper published a “false and intrusive” report announcing the couple’s split.(BBC)
  • Jude Law and Matt Damon will star opposite Oscar winners Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard in Steven Soderbergh‘s next film, Contagion: “The action-thriller is about an outbreak of a deadly virus threatening four continents, weaving together various storylines, similar to the director’s Traffic.”(The Independent)
  • Beauty overload warning: in a video for The Guardian, Nicholas Hoult (formerly of Skins) and Matthew Goode talk about how gorgeous they are in A Single Man.

    The Guardian‘s Lyn Gardner asks the same question I posed yesterday: did the Oliviers reward celebrity over talent with some of their high-wattage nominees?

  • Is Rupert Friend taking dieting tips from his girlfriend Keira Knightley? He looks seriously unwell.(Daily Mail)
  • The Who‘s extremely rough-around-the-edges Super Bowl performance gets a great review from The Guardian.
  • Ringo Starr finally has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.(Telegraph)
  • Paul Weller will receive NME’s Godlike Genius award this year.(NME)
  • Singer Edwyn Collins has released his first recording since his stroke in 2005.(Guardian)
  • The Sun reunites some original EastEnders cast members, 25 years after the premiere.
  • The ban of product placement in TV programs has been lifted in the UK. However, as The Daily Telegraph notes, “The BBC will remain banned from promoting any products.”
  • Is Susan Boyle trying to ditch her “cat lady” person? She and her feline companion, Pebbles, are now living in separate houses.(Daily Record)
  • Pot, meet kettle: notorious biznatch Piers Morgan calls Elaine Paige “bitchy” in regards to comments she made about Susan Boyle.(Digital Spy)
  • Rich, horny old men can sleep easier tonight: Heather Mills says she’ll never marry again.(The Sun)
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Kevin Wicks

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