Photo: Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon

  • The BBC has released the first image of Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon: the former Doctor Who star portrays the late Beatle in the upcoming TV movie, Lennon Naked. Can’t wait for the shot of Torchwood‘s Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono.
  • Also, the Beeb has commissioned Outcasts, a “futuristic drama” from the makers of MI-5. As The Stage reports, “Outcasts, written by Ben Richards, is set in 2040 and follows a group of people setting up a new life on a recently discovered planet, after Earth becomes uninhabitable.” Sounds a bit like Survivors meets Battlestar Galactica.
  • Just Jared has stills from the next Robert Pattinson film, Remember Me.
  • Pattinson set to replace Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man? Not true, says Sony. But, c’mon, you know R. Patts is on the top of the list. (E!)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick has responded to Susan Boyle fans, who attacked him viciously after his very insightful piece about the Britain’s Got Talent singer yesterday. “Alongside a plethora of mainly derogatory comments on the Telegraph website and Susan Boyle blogs, I have been receiving insults on twitter from fans who apparently think attack is the best form of defence (although I am still confused about what they imagine they are defending her against). As danzelldark commented on the Telegraph forum, ‘Haven’t you realized yet that SB is surrounded by a praetorian guard of thousands?'”
  • Check out this clip from last week’s So You Think You Can Dance on BBC. If you were wondering if the British version would maintain the superb talent level of the U.S. original, put all questions aside right now and watch this quite brilliant hip-hop routine:

  • Daniel Craig could replace Robert Downey, Jr. in Jon Favreau‘s adaptation of the graphic novel, Cowboys and Aliens.(Variety)
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William‘s girlfriend, is using the Queen’s lawyers to go after the paparazzi.(Guardian)
  • Did Guy Ritchie start a record label to launch his own singing career? (The Sun)
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