Ricky Gervais Hams It Up on 60 Minutes

  • Extras and Office star Ricky Gervais steals the show from reporter Lesley Stahl during his 60 Minutes profile, which airs this Sunday. Stahl says, “Ignoring me, he totally took over and began doing schtick right into the camera.” Watch the preview of the interview here:

    In other news:

    The Doctor Who specials will feature a pair of dueling Danes: John Simm (The Master) will play Hamlet at the Sheffield Crucible next fall. As you know, David Tennant (The Doctor) previously played the iconic role for the Royal Shakespeare Company last year.

  • The X Factor finale airs this weekend. Americans following the show online can’t help but feel disappointment about this season: early favorites Danyl Johnson and Jedward became YouTube sensations on this side of the pond, but neither act made it to the end. Instead, the three finalists – Stacey Solomon, Olly Murs, and Joe McElderry – are sort of a snoozefest. It’s kind of like the Taylor Hicks/Katharine McPhee season of American Idol: you just can’t get too excited about any of these people. Here’s a sampling of their best work:

    Stacey Solomon

    Olly Murs

    Joe McElderry

  • Rihanna offers to help singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole break America.(The Sun)
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Kevin Wicks

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