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The Top 50 British Songs of 2009

2009 was a great year for British music, although much of it went unnoticed by the U.S.

2009 In Review: Anglophenia’s Top 10 UK Stories

2009 has finally come to a close, and New Year’s can’t come quickly enough. This was a rancid year, with the economy in shambles, people getting laid off left and right, and thoughts of hope sliding into malaise.

Kowalski: On the convenient bus to easy street

While Anglophenia head blogger Kevin is on vacation for the holidays, our resident Belfast native Michael Cree decided to step in and write about the music from his hometown. And he’s letting you in on one of Northern …

Top 10 BBC AMERICA SHOP Best-Sellers of 2009

Tomorrow’s the last day to order items from the BBC AMERICA SHOP in time for a Christmas delivery. There are literally thousands of items to choose from in the shop’s catalog, including BBC AMERICA favorites (Doctor Who, Top …

The British Nominees for Golden Globes

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and while British actors did not, as in many years, dominate the list, there were several UK performers who were recognized. Notably, three of the five nominees for Best Actress in a …

More X Factor: George Michael Sings With Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry Wins X Factor

Sure, Joe McElderry can sing, and he’s attractive, but zzzz. No X Factor. He has a bland, serviceable voice with little richness, color, or personality, and he has zero stage presence.

Ricky Gervais Hams It Up on 60 Minutes

Extras and Office star Ricky Gervais steals the show from reporter Lesley Stahl during his 60 Minutes profile, which airs this Sunday. Stahl says, “Ignoring me, he totally took over and began doing schtick right into the …

Talking Movies: Interview with Colin Firth (“A Single Man”)

BBC Talking Movies host and Anglophenia guest blogger Tom Brook recently chatted with Colin Firth, whose new film, A Single Man, has been drawing raves. The film is out on tomorrow (Dec.

Susan Boyle: The Next John Travolta?

Susan Boyle shocked producers of her special, I Dreamed a Dream, when she busted out some Travolta moves while performing a heartfelt song. The Daily Record reports, “SuBo, 48, was supposed to stand still as she sang ‘Who …