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  • Sad. I had high hopes for this one. The new remake of The Prisoner, which begins this weekend on another network, is suffering from poor reviews. Not even Sir Ian McKellen can save this one, it seems.

    The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Tim Goodman says, “The Prisoner is not compelling. It rambles too much. Its vagaries are not interesting, its unorthodox storytelling not special enough. And, in the sixth hour, when viewers do get some kind of definitive resolution to the story (which they didn’t get in the original), the first question out of their mouths might be, ‘I watched six hours for that?'”

    The Star-Ledger‘s Alan Sepinwall seems to concur: “Six hours is at least four hours too long for me to sit through something this intentionally bizarre, something where plot logic or simple human logic is often accidental at best.”

    USA Today‘s Robert Bianco gives the series a deadly one-and-a-half stars and says that lead actor Jim Caviezel is “so lifeless, you begin to wonder whether giving him a number rather than a name wasn’t an appropriate choice. It’s a joyless, whiny performance that both underscores and undercuts the story’s obvious Wizard of Oz parallels.”

    However, The New York TimesAlessandra Stanley calls it a “clever and engaging reinterpretation.” Go figure. Or go with a safe bet: buy the DVDs of the original.

  • Video: watch Katie Price‘s shambolic interview on E!’s Chelsea Lately. Choice Chelsea Handler quote: “Anyone who looks at you knows your forehead will never move.”

  • Check out the racy trailer for the next season of Skins. By the way, as the comments for this video indicate, the song played during the trailer is “I Knew” by Lightning Dust.
  • A tearful Robbie Williams performed with Take That for the first time in 14 years.(Daily Mail)
  • Robbie also says he’s recorded songs with the band.(Telegraph)
  • It was a cigarette, not marijuana, says Daniel Radcliffe after photos emerged of the Harry Potter smoking at a party.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse is apparently still having problems securing a U.S. visa.(The Sun)
  • Leona Lewis disses X Factor, the show that made her a star: “It’s all pantomime, of course. I do feel that when I did it, it was more about the music. Now it’s a whole production – so many people on stage, dancing, special effects going off, all that craziness. It’s definitely changed emphasis.”(The Sun)
  • Liam Gallagher says he’ll do solo gigs in the new year and attacks his brother for the way he left Oasis. “To be quite honest, I think our kid [Noel Gallagher] wanted out. But you’ll have to ask him when he comes in and does his little solo thing. We had an argument – but we’ve had bigger ones, about more important people. Basically, I think he wanted out, wanted something different, but he hadn’t got the bollocks to tell the band or the fans.”(NME)
  • The Sugababes open up about why they went to their label to have Keisha Buchanan ousted from the band. “It wasn’t even a case of [asking] ‘Can we get someone else?'” says Heidi Range to The Times. “It was … ‘That’s it … we can’t do it anymore.’ They said, ‘Are you sure?’ and we said, ‘Yes’. We didn’t know if the label would drop us and keep Keisha, but we didn’t really have a choice. It just couldn’t go on.”
  • 100 books that defined the past decade, by The Daily Telegraph.
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Charles Spencer says that British film is in the midst of a renaissance, citing three “intelligent, entertaining, and moving” films: An Education, Creation, and Bright Star.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.