Jeremy Clarkson: We’ll Do a Silent Episode of Top Gear

  • Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has found a solution for all of those people offended by his politically incorrect statements on the show: “One day we’ll do an episode of Top Gear in which none of us speak. It’s the only way they will have nothing to complain about. I don’t think I’ve done anything naughty this year, though, have I?” Somehow I think Clarkson could still offend someone without the benefits of spoken language. (Telegraph)
  • On Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Robbie Williams confirmed that he’s back in Take That. (BBC)
  • Robert Pattinson says being chased by fans “excites” him. (Digital Spy)
  • Hex hunk Michael Fassbender will star opposite Forest Whitaker, William H. Macy, and Thomas Haden Church in the thriller, A Single Shot. According to Variety, “Fassbender plays a poacher who finds himself on the run from a gang of hardened killers.”
  • Gerard Butler will star in actor Ralph Fiennes‘ directorial debut. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • The German version of The Office is a record ratings success. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • The Bee Gees may have been the kings of disco, but don’t expect them to dance. (Telegraph)
  • The Beatles‘ 14 remastered albums will be released on apple-shaped USB sticks in December. Methinks EMI is having a laugh at Steve Jobs‘ expense right now. (NME)
  • Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen McLoughlin are the parents of new baby boy, Kai. (Daily Mail)
  • Mark Ronson got pantsed by Little Britain‘s David Walliams at a charity gig. (Daily Mail)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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