Richard Hammond’s Southern Discomfort Revealed

  • The Times has posted an excerpt from Richard Hammond‘s new book Or Is That Just Me? In this piece, the Top Gear co-host reveals what it was like to be chased by several angry, gun-wielding Alabamans. During a stunt done with the express purpose of pissing off as many backwoods homophobes as possible, Hammond drove a car with the words “Man love rules OK” scrawled on the side of it through the highways of Alabama. He barely escaped with his life: “I didn’t want to wake up tied to a tree, being invited to squeal like a little piggy for the entertainment of a 20-year-old psychopath in giant dun­ga­rees, with three teeth in his head and a bitter hatred of anyone who wasn’t also a 30-stone homophobic racist who shot at things he didn’t understand.”
  • Glenn Beck, the Fox News commentator who once called President Obama a “racist,” has come out as a fan of the British band Muse. Muse, in turn, has asked Beck to retract his statement in an audio interview.
  • Torchwood star John Barrowman makes one saucy broad in La Cage aux Folles.(Daily Mail)
  • Could Dame Maggie Smith be done with theater for good?(Daily Mail)
  • Sir Ian McKellen and the producers of My Family are developing a sitcom set in a drama school.(The Stage)
  • In photos from the Doctor Who set, companion Karen Gillan legs it in a police uniform. Can I just add that, despite some early skepticism, I’m totally onboard with Matt Smith‘s look now?(Daily Mail)
  • Maybe Keisha Buchanan wasn’t the source of all the Sugababes drama?(The Sun)
  • What on Earth made Laila Rouass‘ partner on Strictly Come Dancing call her a racial slur? (Telegraph)
  • What did X Factor judge Louis Walsh do to piss off all of Twitter yesterday?
  • Compare the world’s biggest celebs to their famous offspring.(Daily Mail)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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