Meet Duffy’s Hunky Rugby-Playing Suitor

  • According to The Sun, singer Duffy (a.k.a. Ms. “A Man in Every City”) is dating Mike Phillips (see right), a 27-year-old Welsh rugby star. A source tells the tabloid that Mr. Phillips has designs on being Gavin Henson to Duffy’s Charlotte Church: “As soon as Duffy agreed to a date he dumped his poor girlfriend Claire. He makes no secret that he wants to be the new Gavin and Charlotte. Claire is gutted.” Keep it casual, Ms. Duffy. And keep your purse in your sight at all times.
  • A rejected X Factor underwent an extreme makeover to impress Simon Cowell, who once scathingly told her that he wished he could put her voice in a more attractive person’s body.(The Sun)
  • Robbie Williams‘ new single is a ballad with the “hands in the air, singalong magic that made Robbie a stadium star.”(The Sun)
  • The ante in the Jordan/Peter Andre media slugfest has just been upped.(The Sun)
  • Lily Allen looking gorgeous in a Chanel photoshoot.(Daily Mail)
  • Angry debtors want Fergie, Duchess of York to pay her damn bills. (Daily Mail)
  • Get ready for a Beatles onslaught in the coming weeks, as The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick reports.
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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