James May’s Lego Dreams Crushed

  • Everyone pray for Top Gear host James May: his Lego house has been bulldozed, and his Lego cat has been stolen. Guess the bad economy’s affecting everybody. If I were him, I might just end it all. (BBC)
  • Keisha Buchanan, the sole original member of UK girl group Sugababes, has been forced out of the band by their record label. She tweeted last night that it “was not her choice to leave.” Her replacement is Jade Ewen, the woman who sang the UK’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Watch her below:

    Keisha “broke down in tears at party” upon hearing the decision. The Guardian‘s Peter Robinson says a Sugababes without Keisha Buchanan is not a Sugababes at all. “It is one lineup change too many, and moves the band from a clever shape-shifting pop force into a total laughing stock.”

    Here’s my favorite Sugababes song, “Push the Button,” which was a huge hit for them back in 2005. If you haven’t heard this before, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get this song lodged in your head like…a bullet:

    And here’s their 2000 hit “Overload,” which features the original lineup – Keisha, Mutya Buena, and Siobhan Donaghy, who after leaving the group, became a lovably Kate Bush-esque weirdo.

  • Dame Shirley Bassey talks about collaborating with Take That: “Women will attack me! I’ll probably get these young girls giving me grief.”(The Sun)
  • Could there be yet another Spice Girls reunion? (The Sun)
  • Doctor Who spoiler alert! (The Sun)
  • Eric Idle reminisces about his Monty Python days: “The irrepressible [Michael] Palin, the ebullient [Terry] Jones, the mercurial [Terry] Gilliam, the aloof [John] Cleese, the implacable Doctor [Graham] Chapman puffing placidly on his pipe: this was a gang to be in all right. And it was a gang, not just a Gang Show, and when we were in angry mood storming around Television Centre looking for a confrontation with management, fully grown BBC executives would hide.” (Telegraph)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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