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  • Dragons’ Den judge Theo Paphitis has joined the recent anti-Facebook chorus, saying the social media site should be banned in all workplaces. He writes in The Daily Mail:

    Well, we have banned smoking in the office because it is bad for health and undermines the focus on work. All employers should be doing the same with frivolous networking on the net.

    After all, no self-respecting boss would allow staff to spend all day talking to friends over the phone, reading out clips from celebrity magazines, or passing on gossip.

    Well…unless, it’s your job to sit and ogle Gerard Butler and Tweet about Katie Price‘s boobs all day, that is. That would be kinda awesome, wouldn’t it? Ahem.

  • What ever happened to Bonnie Tyler, scratchy-voiced Welsh singer of “Holding Out for a Hero” and the classic “Total Eclipse of the Heart”? Well, she and the nodules on her vocal cords are making a comeback!(ITN)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick says Oasis‘ breakup is a bit of an anticlimax: “The truth is that the end of Oasis is really no great loss for music. They have been one of the greatest ever British groups, but their moment came and went in the Nineties Britpop boom, and musically they have been treading water ever since.”
  • The non-Gallagher members of Oasis don’t think the band can survive without Noel.(Mirror)
  • Johnny Marr provides fodder for those still hoping for a Smiths reunion. “I can’t bear the thought of a Spandau Ballet-style comeback. What’s the point? Spandau are reforming, so they put on a big chicken-in-the-basket event, which is all they amounted to in the first place. Maybe someone should pay them £20 million not to reform. Supposedly we were offered $10 million to play a handful of Smiths gigs in 2007 and I wasn’t remotely tempted. I can’t speak for Morrissey, but I know that I’m too busy right now to get the Smiths on the road again. Is that likely to change? Who knows?” (Daily Mail)
  • Legendary drummer Charlie Watts is not quitting The Rolling Stones.
  • A new Basement Jaxx single featuring Sam Sparro!(Arjan Writes)
  • Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes thinks Oasis will get back together.(Mirror)
  • Unintentionally dirty headline: “Dannii Minogue offers Twilight star Robert Pattinson access all areas.”(Mirror)
  • Hustle star Marc Warren is doing a behind-the-scenes diary of his work in the West End revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.(Guardian)
  • Shirley Bassey‘s estranged granddaughter auditioned for X Factor – and apparently sucked.(The Sun)
  • The Sun has a clip of Lily Allen‘s appearance as herself on the Australian soap Neighbours. She seems a bit shy. At least the writers got her character down-pat: there’s a scene of her flirting with an overweight, middle-aged man.
  • More fallout from Sharon Osbourne‘s Charm School catfight.(The Sun)
  • Publicity photos of a trim but totally unhappy-looking Kelly Osbourne on Dancing with the Stars.(The Sun)
  • Stephen Fry says globetrotting for his wildlife series helped him shed the pounds: “I started off a great deal fatter. The experience made me get in shape. I was fed up with having man boobs. I could see silverback gorillas looking at me with envy.”(The Sun)
  • Star Stories has been cancelled by Channel 4 in the UK.(The Sun)
  • UK soap EastEnders is getting an updated opening sequence inspired by Google Earth.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.