Monthly Archives: September 2009

Talking Movies: Interview with Ben Whishaw

BBC reporter and Anglophenia guest blogger Tom Brook recently sat down with young British star Ben Whishaw, who plays the poet Keats in the new Romantic drama, Bright Star, directed by Jane Campion.

Great News: Primeval Lives!

Cue the “back from extinction” headlines – yes, Primeval has been resurrected. From today’s press release:

Let David Brent, Er, Ricky Gervais Motivate You!

His former career as an ’80s pop star aside, who knew Ricky Gervais was a bit of a golden boy? It’s appears life once came a bit too easily for him, he says in an interview with The Guardian.

Interview with Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers

Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers may not have made a huge splash in the U.S., but they are one of the biggest bands of the past two decades in the UK.

Talking Movies Interview: Sir Michael Caine Makes a Protest Film

BBC reporter Tom Brook recently chatted with Sir Michael Caine about the two-time Oscar winner’s new film. Mr. Brook provides today’s guest blog:

Non-Mackenzie Phillips Related News: Dev and Freida!

I need a serious dose of “Brain Bleach” after learning Mackenzie Phillips consensually schtupped her father for 10 years – if only those retcon pills from Torchwood were real – so I’m gonna think happy …

James May’s Lego Dreams Crushed

Everyone pray for Top Gear host James May: his Lego house has been bulldozed, and his Lego cat has been stolen. Guess the bad economy’s affecting everybody. If I were him, I might just end it all.

Has Hugh Laurie’s House “Limp” Damaged His Body?

You’d think that Hugh Laurie‘s three-time Emmy-nominated role as a physically disabled, a**hole doctor on House would be a dream gig for the actor. But think again: the British actor’s fake limp on the Fox drama has …

John Barrowman On The New Doctor: “He’ll Be Brilliant”

John Barrowman spoke to The Stage about meeting the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith, who is taking over for David Tennant next spring. And he felt a little dirty, it seems: “I turned to the publicist I work with at the BBC and I said, …

America’s Got Boyle: Watch Susan’s Best Performance Yet

Susan Boyle had her U.S.