Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything: Cleese’s Ex Cleans Him Out

  • John Cleese has to pay his ex-wife £12 million in a divorce settlement. “What I find so unfair is that if we both died today, her children would get much more than mine,” he says. “At least I will know in the future if I go out with a lady they will not be after me for my money.” Good luck finding that, sweetheart.(Telegraph)
  • The five surviving members of Monty Python will appear at a BAFTA event here in NYC honoring the legendary series.(Variety)
  • Cleese has decried the state of British comedy, and another comedian agrees with him.(BBC)
  • Is it me, or does David Beckham look really hot when he’s pissed? Work that eyebrow, Sexy Becks!(The Sun)
  • For Victoria Beckham, however, The Face of Thunder is business as usual.(Daily Mail)
  • Look, it’s Victoria Beckham’s shiny forehead on American Idol. (Heatworld)
  • Did Keira Knightley get a breast enhancement via Adobe Creative Suite?(The Sun)
  • Robert Pattinson felt uncomfortable showing his breasts in the Twilight sequel.(Entertainmentwise)
  • Kate Moss has snatched Beyoncé‘s weave!(Mirror)
  • Colin Farrell “went crazy and started screaming like someone had shot him” when confronted by a female fan in London.(Digital Spy)
  • James McAvoy will star as a cancer-stricken 25-year-old in the comedy I’m With Cancer, which will be directed by Nicole Holofcener and co-star Seth Rogen.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • Is the UK talent competition X Factor exploiting a contestant with Asperger’s syndrome? Judge Louis Walsh says, “Nobody forces anybody to go to an audition. I think it’s a real-life story. Is he under too much pressure? I think it has to be his choice.”(BBC)
  • Mani of the Stone Roses praises his band’s 1989 debut album and says today’s UK bands need to step it up: “Twenty years on and it [The Stone Roses] is still fresh and stands out amidst a torrent of mediocrity, career-orientated, dull as dishwater, safe, unimaginative music that dares to challenge for our crown.”(NME)
  • Was Cliff Richard “straight-edge” before the term was ever coined? The British pop legend says, “I’ve always maintained I’m the most radical rock’n’roll singer Britain has ever seen. I was the only one who didn’t spit or swear or sleep around. I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t get drunk. I didn’t indulge in soulless sex. And I’ve always felt comfortable with the decisions I’ve taken. I like being Cliff Richard.”(Guardian)
  • Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers agrees with me that Take That’s “Patience” is one of the best songs of recent years: “It’s the greatest comeback single in history. If Neil Young had written it, people would be calling it a masterpiece…When Alex Turner slagged off Take That at the 2006 Q awards for getting an award, I nearly lost it…You get so many alternative bands banging on about how to make perfect pop, and this kicks all their arses.”(Guardian)

  • Popjustice is still trying to make James Blunt‘s “1973″ happen. Sorry, but the song blows.

Kevin Wicks

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