British TV Audiences Love the CSI Franchise

What U.S. television shows are most watched in the UK? TV By The Numbers has the list, and it may be a touch surprising. For example, three of the top five most-watched American imports are from the CSI franchise. (The Brits do love their procedurals, although it appears the U.S. Law & Order series may be too arcane and American for their tastes.) Also, Heroes, which is no longer in fashion here in the States, is No. 2 on the list.

In other news: David Tennant and Russell T Davies did a somewhat rare interview together for Boing Boing to discuss their exit from Doctor Who. There’s some talk about the next specials, but you may want to cover your ears for spoilers. Well, not too many spoilers. Tennant and Davies are quite “cagey” about the plot developments, to their credit. Tennant does say “Never say never” to a return as The Tenth Doctor, should Steven Moffat ever ask him back for a little Timelord reunion.

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Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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