Monthly Archives: July 2009

Comic-Con Day #2 – Sweaty ‘Freaks’ & Geeks Take Over

Back again with another diary entry live from the sunny shores of San Diego. Just reacquainted myself with cold water and a bar of soap, after a long, sweaty here at the San Diego Convention Center, and I’m ready to spill all the ...

Rupert Everett Gives His Take on Fellow “Freak” Michael Jackson

Is this the pot calling the kettle “not black”? In an interview with The Daily Mirror, Rupert Everett, a man who has destroyed his face, calls Michael Jackson a “freak” and says the late superstar is better off ...

Comic-Con Day 1 gets off to a roaring start!

Greetings, Fanboys & Girls. Your roving Comic-Con blogger checking in live from San Diego after Day #1, exhausted and overwhelmed but thrilled to report that this year’s Con is bigger, better and off to a brilliant start!

Torchwood’s a Trending Topic on Twitter Again

Previously, Torchwood had been a trending topic on Twitter when Children of Earth premiered in the UK.

Live Reports From Comic-Con, Start Tomorrow

Greetings, earthlings! I have traveled the universe, battling aliens and protecting the world — but returned to you just in-time to voyage to San Diego’s Convention Center. Why, you ask?

Doctor Who: First On-Set Snaps of The New Doctor, Companion

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan look cute together…and the hairstylists seem to have refined Smith’s emo fauxhawk. The bowtie is a nice touch.

Amy Winehouse Is an “Intolerable” Adulterer, Divorce Papers Say

Amy Winehouse and that damned loser husband of hers, Blake Fielder-Civil, have received a quickie divorce, and “it is reported that Winehouse has agreed to pay Fielder-Civil off with a 2.4 million ($3.6 million) settlement.

Harry Potter a “Humorless” Hit, and Another Bridget Jones Movie

The latest Harry Potter movie has been out for a few hours, and it has already set records at the box office. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has, according to Variety, “scored the biggest midnight gross of all-time in ...

UK Big Brother Housemates Learn Michael Jackson Died

19 days after the fact. Don’t you wish that you were sequestered in a house with no access to the press? It would have made these past three weeks more bearable.

The Wackest Waxworks Ever: This Is Barack Obama???

Louis Tussaud’s in Blackpool, England thinks this looks like our President. (Methinks it resembles a very equine Bryant Gumbel.