Dominic West: Only British Actors Should Play British Roles

Actor Dominic West is mad that non-British actors are coming to the UK and snatching up iconic British roles:

“I was sort of smarting from Russell Crowe coming over here and playing Robin Hood and all these foreigners coming over here and stealing our great heroes. I felt I was striking a blow back by being a Brit playing a foreigner. [He will play Australian scientist Howard Florey in a BBC drama.]

“I’d love to play Robin Hood, but I’d particularly like to play all those parts Johnny Depp plays that are English people like the Earl of Rochester.”

“I suppose for someone who made quite a lot of money out of being in an American TV show, I shouldn’t moan really, but it does annoy me when Beatrix Potter is played by a Texan [Renée Zellweger].”

No, he shouldn’t moan, really: West won critical acclaim for playing the very American Detective McNulty on HBO’s The Wire. Maybe Dominic’s not living under the same sky as you and me. In any case, it sounds like the grapes are mighty sour where he comes from.

So…should British roles only be played by British actors? And, likewise, should American roles be played only by American actors?

In other news:

  • Check out Oscar winner Rachel Weisz lounging in leather thigh-highs.(The Sun)
  • The Harry Potter kids have become delightful Eurotrash.(Daily Mail)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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