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Back again with another diary entry live from the sunny shores of San Diego. Just reacquainted myself with cold water and a bar of soap, after a long, sweaty here at the San Diego Convention Center, and I’m ready to spill all the scoop on Comic-Con’s Opening Day. (Trust me, you’ll be glad I cooled down and scrubbed up before we chat!)

Woke up to overcast skies here in SoCal, but all things Comic-Con were heating up even at 7am. To no surprise, all the local morning news had dispatched all their reporters to the Convention Center, so from my waking moments on, there was no escaping the Great Con! And from the looks of the live on-the-scene reports, crowds of goers had been lined up since the wee hours of the morning, eagerly waiting the magic hour (yes, pun-intended) when the doors would fly open, and they and their costumed brethren could descend.

Over at the BBCA Booth (#3629), things immediately got off to a riotous start. Clearly, word of this year’s fab merch, including the exclusive Doctor Who t-shirts, had spread since the previous evening’s overwhelmingly popular Preview Night, and the throngs were ready to scoop up some fab swag.

But just as the goodies were flying off the shelves, even better news: BBC America unveiled our special 2009 must-have giveaway: massive Doctor Who/Being Human bags! Perfect for toting around your Mighty Boosh DVDs, Tardis bank, or a lifetime supply of the Convention Center’s delectable bagel-dogs (for the uninitiated, a microwaved hot dog wrapped in a soggy bagel. As tasty as it sounds, but what can I say? Food pickins are slim at the Con!) Almost as if summoned by a spell, hundreds of Who-vians descended on Yours Truly, pushing and grabbing to get their paws on this BBCA awesome-ness. Bags were flying, over heads, elf ears and wizard hats – and then, there was silence, as they were gone just as quickly as they’d arrived. But, not to worry, Con-goers: we’ll be back with many more bags Fri, Sat & Sun mornings… so be sure to hightail it over to #3629 each morning for a chance to walk away with what’s unquestionably one of the Gotta-Have Comic-Con giveaways. (Believe me, you don’t want to return to your spaceship next week without one!)

Once calm (or the closest Comic-Con appropriation) had returned to the BBCA Booth (and my panic-stricken heart had slowed enough to regain function), I was able to spend a few hours schmoozing with some of BBCA’s most-passionate fans. Torchwood, Top Gear, Gordon Ramsay & even Gavin & Stacy viewers swung by to chat it up with me and my fellow BBC staffers, and to mark their iPhone calendars with all the deets for our multitude of panels, signings and screenings this weekend. (For all the scoop, head over to’s Comic-Con page, for a full schedule: It’s a mighty full schedule, with many can’t miss events!)

This afternoon, I snuck away for a few to catch USA’s Burn Notice panel – who doesn’t like to check out the competition? With iconic Comic-Con idol Bruce Campbell taking over, cracking jokes and even throwing out dollar bills to his most-complimentary questioners, it was a memorable hour. (In fact, as I type now, I’m relaxing in my new Comic-Con exclusive Burn Notice t-shirt. Pretty snazzy, I must say.)

As the sun sets on another frantic and action-packed day in SD, I think it’s safe to say that today offered Comic-Con at its finest: unbeatable, in-demand swag; quality time with passionate fans; sweaty Storm-Troopers; and a Mrs. Fields’ cookie as the sole nourishment during it all. What can I say, I wouldn’t have it any other way? So until tomorrow, readers, that’s your Daily Con!

– RL

The very stylish and massive “Doctor Who” bag

Flip it around and you have an equally stylish “Being Human” bag

Even Go-Gos turn up at Comic-Con…where’s Belinda?

You too can smell like a Vulcan with “Star Trek” cologne.

RL pauses for a photo-op with a Dalek…

Bruce Campbell entertains the crowd at the “Burn Notice” panel.

A “True Blood” elevator installation

The voice of “Charlie Brown”!

Alice visits Comic-Con. And she thought Wonderland was wacky…

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.