Robert Pattinson “Hit By Cab Running From Fans” in NYC

Funny…I was just near the Strand Bookstore here in New York yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. Who knows? Had I scheduled my eye exam for today, I might have caught a glimpse of Twilight star Robert Pattinson rolling over some poor taxi driver’s hood.

From Radar Online:

A team of five security guards were trying to fend off a crowd of teenaged girls when Rob was leaving the bookstore.

It was pouring rain as they tried to hustle him quickly across the busy street to the safety of his trailer.

Some of the teen girls were hysterical and Rob rushed across the road. As he did so, a taxi grazed him. The cabbie slammed on his brakes as soon as he realized what had happened.

It appeared as if the cab hit Rob in the hip. He stood there for a moment looking stunned. The bodyguard next to him checked if he was okay and then screamed at the fans: “You see what you did, you almost killed him!”

Why those teen girls are like little Mark David Chapmans in the making!

I’m sorry, folks, the appeal of this man eludes me. Doesn’t mean I want to see the lad splattered across an intersection in Union Square, though.

Rob apparently is fine, by the way.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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