Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hugh Grant Assaults a Photographer, Again; Pete Doherty Arrested, Again

Hugh Grant kicked a paparazzo in the groin after leaving the Waverly Inn here in NYC. This bit of violence isn’t quite as innovative as his 2007 baked beans assault, but Hugh gets points for economy of expression.

Hannah Spearritt’s Former Bandmate Robbed

Pop star Rachel Stevens – Primeval star Hannah Spearritt‘s former S Club 7 bandmate – was robbed upon coming home to her London apartment. A London Metropolitan Police spokesperson says, “It’s believed …

Gordon Ramsay Ticks Off Australian Prime Minister

Gordon Ramsay mouths off from time to time, to put it mildly, but never before have his words resulted in an angry response from a major head of state. Over the weekend, Ramsay exchanged some jibes with Australian journalist Tracy …

Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis Advise Susan Boyle’s Career

Kelly Clarkson has reached out and offered some much-needed support to Susan Boyle. According to The Sun, she told Britain’s GMTV: “It’s one of those things.

Is UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on His Last Legs?

Elections have been held in the UK, and the Labour Party didn’t do so hot. Basically, they were routed.

Wossy Hits Stateside: Jonathan Ross on BBC AMERICA

It’s official and confirmed: Jonathan Ross is headed to BBC AMERICA. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross premieres on Friday, June 12th at 8/7c with guests Dustin Hoffman, Hugh Laurie, Eric Cantona, and The Gossip.

Hugh Laurie On Turning 50

House star Hugh Laurie won’t be throwing any big parties when he reaches the half-century mark in a few weeks: “I’m trying not to think of it as big or meaningful in any way. I find the whole celebration of …

America’s Got Amanda Holden

Guess who’s over here trying to cash in on her newfound Britain’s Got Talent fame here in the States? It ain’t Susan Boyle. She’s otherwise engaged.

Susan Boyle Was Set Up To Fail

Had she won Britain’s Got Talent, her story wouldn’t be half as compelling, right? Susan Boyle just upped her diva cred exponentially by having to be stashed away in a mental clinic.