Monthly Archives: June 2009

Whose Hamlet Would You Rather See, Jude Law’s or David Tennant’s?

Lock up your nannies, New York: Jude Law‘s West End production of Hamlet is coming to the Great White Way. Sure, Law is the bigger name in America, but I would have preferred David Tennant.

Michael Jackson’s Death: Did London Concert Pressure Kill Him?

I’m just heartbroken over Michael Jackson‘s death. I know he became a deeply divisive figure in his later years – a few of my friends are appalled that media outlets seem to be candy-coating those abuse allegations …

Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Cops: “You Wanna Hit Me? Hit Me.”

Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in trouble again, this time after allegedly brawling with a fellow airport traveler in Paris and then throwing cash at police. “It means nothing to me,” he was alleged to have said.

Simon Cowell: Bigger Than Disney? Bigger Than Oprah?

Simon Cowell and UK Topshop mogul Philip Green have teamed up to take over the world, in hopes of creating a global brand bigger than Disney. Also: will Cowell be higher-paid than Oprah for his work on American Idol?

Where Is Emma Watson Attending College In The Fall?

Whenever a young teen idol decides to pursue higher education, it’s always a big to-do. Universities capitalize on all of the publicity to lure new applicants, and photographers and tabloids stake out their territory on college …

Stephen Moyer “Incredibly Comfortable” In Bed Scenes With Anna Paquin

In an interview with USA Today, British actor Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton on True Blood, says he doesn’t feel awkward at all shooting graphic sex scenes with his real-life lover, Oscar-winning actress Anna …

Robert Pattinson “Hit By Cab Running From Fans” in NYC

Funny…I was just near the Strand Bookstore here in New York yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. Who knows?

Simon Cowell’s Other Shows May Get Britain’s Got Talent Makeover

Simon Cowell plans to ratchet up the humiliation factor on X Factor by having hopefuls audition before a live studio audience, kinda like Britain's Got Talent.

Oh Hell No: Primeval Cancelled in the UK!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about Primeval. ITV has cancelled the show.

Dame Helen Mirren “Needs To Raise Her Game”

Dame Helen Mirren – who has an Oscar, four Emmys, and four BAFTAs to her name – is an acting god to many. Her return to Britain’s National Theatre stage in Jean Racine‘s Phèdre, directed by History …