Monthly Archives: April 2009

Davies, Tennant Explain Why They’re Leaving Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies and David Tennant talked to the The Times about what they’ve accomplished with their new take on Doctor Who.

Why The Queen Rules; Andrew Lloyd Webber Compares Internet to “Somalia”

Why we love The Queen, in under a minute:

Mistresses Star Orla Brady: Foxy, Fabulous, and Almost Fifty

Did Mistresses star Orla Brady (Siobhan) make a pact with the Devil? Her birthdate is listed as March 28, 1961 on IMDB, but if someone told me she was 34 or 35, I’d not even think to question them.

New Doctor Who Trailer. Plus: Panic on the Streets of London

Two separate stories are dominating the UK press today – the Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead trailer has been released, and a whole lotta people are actin’ a fool over in London at the G20 summit.