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I Didn’t Cry Watching Susan Boyle (But I Might Have, If Ant and Dec Had STFU)

Not even the Claymates were this impassioned: within this past week, The Cult of Susan Boyle has sprung up on these Internets. Just check the comments on any article or blog post that even appears critical of the Scottish …

Talking Movies: Interview with Michael Caine and Bill Milner

He’s been away far too long, but Tom Brook has returned with a Talking Movies interview. And it’s a doozy: two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine sits down with Tom to discuss his new film, Is Anybody There?

Is the Reaction Towards Susan Boyle Sexist?

The Guardian‘s Tanya Gold says that Brits should be ashamed of themselves for doubting Susan Boyle‘s talent because of her looks: “Why are we so shocked when ‘ugly’ women can do things, rather than …

Want To See The Host of Bargain Hunt (Almost) Naked?

Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to see what The Duke was hiding under those pinstripes: here’s a photo of David Dickinson frolicking on a Barbados beach with his wife (Tina Turner?).

Who Would You Cast in a Primeval Movie?

So we knew it would happen sometime: Primeval will be made into a movie. But it’s not clear if the show’s cast – Douglas Henshall, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Lucy Brown, and Juliet Aubrey – will reprise …

Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle Becomes Web Sensation

Is Susan Boyle the new Paul Potts? Last week, the dowdy Julia Child lookalike left Simon Cowell and his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges slack-jawed with her confident performance of “I Dreamed a Dream.

Songs British People Like: From The Enemy to Lily Allen

What kinds of music are the Brits into right now? Well, if you listen to BBC Radio 1, you’ll hear a lot of the same songs you’d hear on American radio – Flo Rida‘s “Right Round,” Taylor Swift‘s …

Good Luck to Skins and Torchwood at the GLAAD Awards

BBC AMERICA has two chances at picking up GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, April 18th in Los Angeles. (GLAAD stands for “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Oh Dear…Rupert Everett Strikes Again!

Yes, Rupert Everett says some silly and often outright stupid things, but sometimes, he’s almost Morrissey-esque with his wit. Take his interview with The Daily Beast‘s Kevin Sessums, where Rupey plays the bitter old maid …

Parkie on Goody: Wasn’t She “The Most Hated Woman in Britain”?

British TV legend Sir Michael Parkinson pulls no punches: “What bothers me is that the media first of all recommended we hate Jade Goody.