New Doctor Who Trailer. Plus: Panic on the Streets of London

Two separate stories are dominating the UK press today – the Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead trailer has been released, and a whole lotta people are actin’ a fool over in London at the G20 summit.

Funny note: you’ll probably see more black people in the Doctor Who trailer than in all of the news footage from the protests.

Here’s the minute-long Planet of the Dead teaser. Damn, I’m gonna miss David Tennant:

Now for the G20 protests – there’s a lot of first-hand footage popping up on YouTube right now, and here are some of the best clips. Warnings: clips contain strong language and violence:

G20 Meltdown smashes the Royal Bank of Scotland

“Police Attack Sit Down Protestors – G20

G20 Protest London – Riot begins outside Bank of England

More of the Riot outside the Bank of England

ABC NEWS Reports: To Avoid G-20 Terrorists, Businessman Advised Not To Wear Suits

Here’s a funny clip: watching Obama’s security detail trying to park “The Beast” in front of Downing Street is almost something out of a Monty Python sketch. 1:18 – 1:30 is particularly John Cleese-worthy.(watch the clip)

Kevin Wicks

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