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Did Mistresses star Orla Brady (Siobhan) make a pact with the Devil? Her birthdate is listed as March 28, 1961 on IMDB, but if someone told me she was 34 or 35, I’d not even think to question them.

Take a gander at the photos from tomorrow night’s episode of Mistresses – we should all look so great at 48.

Orla Brady’s co-star on Mistresses is the equally sexy Sarah Parish (Katie). Her brother, John Parish, is a well-known music producer for artists like PJ Harvey. John and Sarah sat down for a chat with The Guardian about how their upbringing led to their adult success. Sarah says, “Mum and Dad instilled a strict work ethic in us, I suppose, and whatever the work is we’ll try and do it to the best of our abilities. Otherwise, you’re slightly shame-faced. Sometimes I feel I’m turning into Mum (laughs). If someone turns up a bit late saying, ‘It doesn’t matter’, I’ll always say, ‘It does matter, of course it matters!’ You should never be late, you should always know your lines, you should always be professional.”

Sarah Parish

Check out another fashionable and fierce woman, First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has wowed the London press with her flamboyant style, and The Daily Telegraph has a gallery of Michelle’s various G20 looks. She’s certainly upstaging the other First Ladies. Choice quote in the Telegraph piece: “Sarah Brown [Gordon’s wife] looked rather fusty in comparison, in a drab navy ensemble by Britt Linter.”

OMG – what is with all the fuss about who hugged who, the Queen or Michelle?

Was Keira Knightley‘s shockingly graphic anti-domestic violence ad a nod toward a Peter Greenaway film? Watch the PSA, filmed by her Atonement director Joe Wright, below. Even if you despise Ms. Knightley, the ad is truly unsettling and effective:

Also two albums I’ve been waiting for have received excellent reviews.The Guardian‘s Alexis Petridis gives Doves‘ new album four stars: “Kingdom of Rust sounds not like a band comfortably consolidating their previous success, but something more exciting: a band unexpectedly, subtly but unequivocally shifting up a gear.”

For a first listen of their new album, go to the Doves official website.

Meanwhile, Bat For Lashes‘ new album, Two Suns, gets four stars from The Daily Telegraph‘s Andrew Perry, who says “her follow-up [to her first album, Fur and Gold] is a great leap forward – more grown up, both for its sophisticated songcraft, and its complex and often harrowing emotional landscape.”

Here’s the video for Bat For Lashes’ new song, “Daniel.”

Also, watch Gordon Ramsay get April Fooled on the set of Hell’s Kitchen…man, he looked rattled:

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