Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle Becomes Web Sensation

  • Is Susan Boyle the new Paul Potts? Last week, the dowdy Julia Child lookalike left Simon Cowell and his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges slack-jawed with her confident performance of “I Dreamed a Dream.” “This is the biggest surprise I’ve seen in all three years of this show,” said Piers Morgan. On YouTube, her performance has well over one million views. One aside: Ant and Dec, the hosts of Britain’s Got Talent, are too annoying to breathe, and they show it in the clip. I don’t know how the Brits tolerate them.
  • UK broadcaster Channel 4 is set to premiere an “educational” show featuring nude models being sketched. “The show, provisionally titled Life Class: Today’s Nude, hopes to promote a return to elementary skills of drawing and painting, and spark a revival of more traditional, figurative art.” And you can pant, er, paint along at home.(The Independent)
  • In photos: Queen Elizabeth II‘s meetings with eleven U.S. presidents.(Telegraph)
  • The Stage interviewed both David Tennant and Michelle Ryan about the Doctor Who Easter special.
  • Robert Plant‘s velvet pants “infuriated” Duane Allman.(Contact Music)
  • Procol Harum‘s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” has been the most-played song (in public, that is) in Britain over the past 75 years.(BBC)
  • Michael Sheen “will portray the leader of the Volturi, an Italy-based coven of vampires” in the Twilight sequel.(Variety)
  • The star of Ricky Gervais‘ directorial debut? Two-time Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes.(Mirror)
  • Kate Moss is embraced by Marc Jacobs and Justin Timberlake in a Vanity Fair spread.(Just Jared)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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