Monthly Archives: April 2009

Daniel Radcliffe: Frontrunner For Tony Nomination?

According to Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe could hear his name called on Tuesday, May 5th when the Tony nominations are announced. Radcliffe could be up for Best Actor in a Play for his …

Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Robert Pattinson: World’s Most Beautiful?

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, on-screen (and possibly off-screen) lovers from Slumdog Millionaire, both made People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People list, which was announced today. I’m just tickled at Dev’s rise …

Simon Pegg Explains His Scottish Accent In Star Trek

Simon Pegg (Spaced) wanted to add some Scottish authenticity to his role as Scotty in the new Star Trek movie: “Obviously, it’s important to me that the Scottish audience accept me as Scottish. Also, half my family are …

Newsflash: Simon Cowell Is a Boob

Susan Boyle is finally getting a taste of how dirty and vicious her industry of choice can be. Embarrassing tapes are emerging of the 47-year-old “spinster,” and the man who stands to make millions from Boyle, Simon Cowell, …

BBC AMERICA on Broadway: The Norman Conquests Garners Rave Reviews

The Broadway revival of Alan Ayckbourn‘s trilogy, The Norman Conquests, currently stars a roll call of BBC AMERICA talent: Green Wing‘s Stephen Mangan, Spaced‘s Jessica Hynes, Coupling‘s Ben Miles, The …

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto: Are They Lovers or Just Playing With Our Heads?

Remember when Dev Patel (Anwar from Skins) denied he was dating his Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto? Well, either he wasn’t being quite honest with us, or love has blossomed in the interim.

HELL YEAH: Primeval’s New Season Premieres Saturday, May 16th on BBCA

With AMBUH from Footballers Wive$, y’all! Good to see Primeval bringing in some ethnic diversity – especially the hotness that is Laila Rouass.

New Comedies Hit BBCA: The Inbetweeners and Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show

Doesn’t anybody remember *laughter*?

We do.

Ricky Gervais Shot Rob Lowe In the Eye – With a Dart Gun?

So apparently Rob Lowe and The Office star Ricky Gervais were playfully dissing each other during filming of their comedy, This Side of the Truth. In harmless retaliation, Gervais shot a dart gun at Lowe.

Remastered I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got Out Today

Irish singer-songwriter Sinad O’Connor will appear on Saturday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, but a remastered version of her landmark 1990 album – the multi-platinum I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got …