Monthly Archives: March 2009

Reports: Jade Goody Gravely Ill

It appears Jade Goody is barely clinging to life: BBC NEWS reports she was “too ill to receive a visit from Shilpa Shetty” and her “condition deteriorated over the weekend.” The Sun says Jade’s family is …

Tomorrow, Graham Norton and Fergie Ferg Will Love You Long Time

Even though she’s had her name pilfered by some dried-up Black Eyed Peas trollop, Sarah Ferguson remains the true Duchess. Don’t miss tomorrow night’s season premiere of Graham Norton, where she’ll match wits …

Lily Allen, Once Again, Proves Impulse Control Is Not Her Strength

Lily Allen got into another scrap with a photographer. Yet Amy Winehouse is the one banned from the States.

Newsflash: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Will Make You Fat

Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson‘s food is too “fattening,” says a British panel of nutritionists and dietitians: “In some cases one serving contains more than an adult’s entire recommended daily limit of …

David Beckham Talks To Today’s Matt Lauer from Milan

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Rumor of a Bale-Out for the Next Batman Film

I don’t quite believe it: the rumor mill has Aussie actor Sam Worthington (watch clip of him here) replacing Christian Bale in the follow-up to The Dark Knight. Ironically, Worthington is Bale’s co-star in Terminator: …

Jade Goody Confronted By Hammer-Wielding Nutcase in Hospital

Jade Goody doesn’t only have to fight cancer – she has to fight crazies like the lady who slipped into her hospital room “brandishing a hammer.” Jade’s publicist says, “She woke up to find this woman …

The British Press Is Up in Arms Over “Obamagate”

Oh, do clutch the pearls, darlings. The Brits are in a right tizzy over President Barack Obama‘s perceived snub of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Jade Goody Says “Final” Goodbyes to Loved Ones

Jade Goody has reportedly called all of her loved ones to her bedside to say last goodbyes. “Those close to the cancer-stricken Big Brother star say the next 24 hours are critical in assessing how long she has left.

New Photos of The Beatles Show Ringo Was the Sexy One

New photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been uncovered. “The behind-the-scenes, intimate and unguarded shots, have been unearthed after spending 45 years in a duffel bag of The Beatles and Rolling Stone’s …