Jade Goody Says “Final” Goodbyes to Loved Ones

  • Jade Goody has reportedly called all of her loved ones to her bedside to say last goodbyes. “Those close to the cancer-stricken Big Brother star say the next 24 hours are critical in assessing how long she has left.” Too sad. Our thoughts are with her family.(Daily Mail)
  • Monkees guitarist Peter Tork says he’s been diagnosed with “Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma,” a rare form of cancer “most commonly found in the salivary glands.” But his prognosis is good, he says.(Daily Mail)
  • Ashley Cole, footballer husband to the perennially humiliated Cheryl Cole, “was arrested for being drunk and disorderly,” according to The Daily Telegraph.
  • Gordon Ramsay‘s financial troubles have reached boiling point.(Telegraph)
  • The Stage‘s Mark Wright suggests some actresses to play the new Doctor Who companion: “Still topping my list is the rather marvelous Olivia Hallinan of Sugar Rush [watch her get spanked here] and Lark Rise to Candleford. She is a brilliantly inventive actress who always adds something to every scene she’s in, whether speaking or not. The fact she’s a redhead might count against her in the casting stakes after Catherine Tate‘s flame-haired stint in the TARDIS, but I’ll look the other way if you do.”
  • Torchwood‘s Suzie, actress Indira Varma, has joined Inside the Box, Shonda Rhimes‘ new series.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • Tom Felton, the blond twink who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, strips off and covers himself in blood.(Daily Mail)
  • British theater actress Michelle Fairley has been cast as Hermione’s mother in the next Harry Potter installment.
  • Rupert Friend‘s offscreen life parallels his role as Prince Albert in Young Victoria: he remains in the shadow of his real-life girlfriend, Keira Knightley. And he’s fine with that: “I think it takes a strong man to say, ‘My woman will always achieve more than I ever will, she will always have more power than I’ll ever have and she will probably be more popular than I’ll ever be and I don’t care.’ That, to me, is about as close to the definition of a man as I’ve ever gotten.”
  • The Daily Telegraph has an interview with the actors behind the new miniseries Red Riding, including the sigh-worthy hottie Andrew Garfield.
  • Amy Winehouse gives good face.(The Sun)
  • Little Britain‘s David Walliams and his barely-legal girlfriend have split. But was the relationship never consummated?
  • Meanwhile, in tangentially related news, Jerry Hall, an ex-Mrs. Mick Jagger, says she has no use for boy toys: “I personally find having a sexual relationship with people in their twenties incredibly boring. I much prefer older people. [People in their twenties] listen to such horrible music. They haven’t the same references. And I find it a bit creepy if you’re having sex with people the same age as your children.”(Daily Mail)
  • Robbie Williams will stage his much-anticipated comeback at Comic Relief.(The Sun)
  • The Ego Has Landed: Simon Cowell is planning a “Simon Cowell” week on American Idol “with contestants singing his favorite tunes,” according to The Sun.
  • Somewhere above the latest photo of a Page 3 girl flashing her boobs, Rebus creator Ian Rankin writes in The Sun about the pleasures of reading.
  • An exclusive trailer of the State of Play remake.(Telegraph)
  • Actor Tom Hardy – whom you might recognize from BBC AMERICA’s Gideon’s Daughter – talks to The Times about his new film role as legendary criminal Charles Bronson. After meeting the real-life man, Hardy felt extra pressure to portray him accurately. “You get into bed with the guy, with his family, and then you rob them? I ain’t part of that. And not just because I don’t want to be rolled up in a carpet and dropped to the bottom of the Thames.”
  • A group of prison officers are condemning the film. “Bronson, 56, who is held at Wakefield jail, was jailed for armed robbery in 1974 but has committed a string of crimes behind bars, including assaults. The Prison Officers’ Association said he had caused trauma to hard-working people who would never work again. “(BBC)
  • UK broadcaster ITV will move ratings winner X Factor from Saturdays to a weeknight in order to save the flailing network.(The Times)
  • Billy Bragg ties the current economic crisis back to Maggie Thatcher.(Guardian)
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