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  • Victoria Beckham says, “Inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out!” I wonder how David feels about the unexpected guest. (The Sun)

  • Victoria Beckham as X Factor judge? Is Simon Cowell trying to spite Dannii Minogue by replacing her with a pop star with even less musical talent? Victoria’s reps deny there have been talks.
  • Jude Law “plays a transvestite supermodel called Minx” in the new film, Rage, and a photo has been released to the press. A Daily Mail reader very observantly notes his character’s resemblance to “a young Sharon Osbourne.” I’m sure Ozzy would be confused.
  • Christian Bale‘s rant is most embarrassing for McG, the director of Terminator Salvation. The Guardian‘s Ben Child says, “This is an incredibly embarrassing incident for Bale…but I would argue it is even more galling for McG, who is shown to be completely incapable of standing up to his star on-set. Would Bale have behaved in such a way with Christopher Nolan standing just a few feet away, or Werner Herzog, his director on Rescue Dawn? It seems unlikely.”
  • Bale’s diatribe gets remixed again, with a little Bill O’Reilly thrown in for added lunacy.(Towleroad)
  • If you want to read along while listening to Bale lose his mind, here’s the full transcript. But they left off one of the best lines: “Seriously, you and me, we’re f***ing done professionally. F***ing S!”
  • Sad news for Jade Goody: she says her cancer has spread from her cervix to her liver, groin, and bowels. The Independent spoke to doctors, and they give Goody a somewhat grim – but not completely hopeless – prognosis: “Only 15 per cent to 30 per cent of women with stage 4 cervical cancer will live longer than five years.”
  • Robert Plant says a Led Zeppelin reunion “feels incomplete” without the band’s late drummer, John Bonham.(NME)
  • Take That has selected an unknown singer-songwriter, Gary Go, to open for them on their tour.(BBC)
  • Why does Lily Allen always look prettiest when it looks as if she’s dressed for a funeral?(Daily Mail)
  • J.K. Rowling sports a ginormous ring as she receives the French Legion of Honor.(Daily Mail)
  • If there’s a British invasion going on, it’s a stealth invasion, argues The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick. Even though Brits dominate this year’s Grammy nominations, McCormick says, “You don’t hear much talk of a creative resurgence in British music. There is no central scene dominating the charts, as they was during the Sixties beat boom, the Eighties plastic-pop explosion, and even the Nineties Britpop phenomenon.”
  • Leona Lewis says her autobiography will be a “picture book”: “A picture speaks a thousand words and I’m a big fan of photography.”(The Sun)
  • Photos of Daniel Radcliffe walking around NYC with bloodshot eyes have appeared on the web. The Sun‘s Gordon Smart feigns concern over the Equus star’s health “He looks as though he is burning the candle – and whatever else it is that the kids like to burn these days – at both ends.”
  • Matt Smith talks about the importance of his new role as Doctor Who. “It’s like, there’s Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Doctor Who. It has resonance in our cultural fabric.” (Daily Record)
  • Smith is pap-snapped while apartment hunting.(The Sun)
  • Julie Walters on Coronation Street?(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.