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  • Prince Harry impersonators have been the unexpected beneficiaries of the young royal’s recent breakup. One lookalike, 21-year-old Elliott Gibson, told reporters: “I was in London on the underground on Sunday and there was a group of 50 American teenagers heading up the opposite escalator from me. One of the girls saw me and shrieked ‘It’s Harry!’ and another shouted ‘Chelsy didn’t deserve you!’. Before I knew it there was a stampede of young women coming down the wrong way down the escalator. They were coming at me full throttle – I’m sure they knocked down a person or two along their way.” Gibson says the attention has forced him into “hiding.” Well, I can understand the commotion: dare I say the lookalike is actually a touch cuter than the real thing?

  • Using facial composite software, Gilette has pieced together the best facial features of British male celebrities – Daniel Craig‘s eyes, Ewan McGregor‘s jaw, etc – and created the ultimate British male face…which, fittingly, looks like the result of hundreds of years of inbreeding.(Daily Mail)
  • Orlando Bloom is hot – and, ironically, far more masculine – with shaggy, long hair.(The Sun)
  • Mark Ronson pals around with Lady GaGa.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse is total trash and I love it. The Sun reports that “the singer this morning changed her Facebook status to say ‘Amy is Mrs Civil WA7614.’ Blake Fielder-Civil’s prison number is WA7614.”
  • Lily Allen says Barack Obama is “gorgeous, amazing, and sexy.”(The Sun)
  • Returning to Doctor Who after months of stage work, David Tennant found that he’d forgotten how his character spoke: “I couldn’t remember how to do the voice at first. I’d been in Hamlet and I think I was being a bit too posh.”(Guardian)
  • OK, if you’re keeping track, David Bowie is not gay, he doesn’t Twitter, he hates Morrissey, and rumors that he’s resurrected his Ziggy Stardust persona are “poppycock”.
  • Torchwood‘s John Barrowman will host a show “in which members of the public with aspirations to perform will get to live out their fantasies.”(AfterElton)
  • A stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe suffered “a significant back injury” after falling during a stunt on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is reported that, after the accident, the stuntman “couldn’t feel anything from the waist down.”(Guardian)
  • Mike Skinner, a.k.a. The Streets, has learned the hazards of crowdsurfing during a concert: “He wrote in his blog that he jumped into the crowd and was punched and scratched, and woke up the next day in ‘unbelievable pain’.” (BBC)
  • Scottish folk legend John Martyn, writer and original singer of the classic “May You Never”, has died at 60.(BBC)
  • Piers Morgan says he’s returning to The Mirror as an editor, apparently after winning the job in a charity auction. The Mirror says, let’s not get crazy here, Piers…(Guardian)
  • British playwrights and directors have dominated this year’s Oscars.(Guardian)
  • 10 travel sites you’ll want to use when traveling in the UK.(Times Online)
  • Apparently, English schools are churning out a bunch of illiterate gits.(Telegraph)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.