Monthly Archives: December 2008

Which One of These Men Is Top Gear’s Stig?

Who is hiding behind the white helmet? With Top Gear‘s Season 11 making its U.S.

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson: “The Next Jude Law”

Robert Pattinson is “the next Jude Law” and will command “10 million a film.” Let’s hope, like Mr. Law, he finds a predilection for dropping his trousers.

Will Coldplay Sweep This Year’s Grammys?

Last night’s announcement of the Grammy nominations was the best evidence I’ve seen of a new British invasion: all five nominees for Record of the Year are British. (Well, four-and-a-half: Robert Plant‘s collaborator, …

For Your Consideration as Doctor Who: Sophie Okonedo

Female scientists are lobbying for a female Doctor Who, and many people say it’s time for a black Timelord. What about a black female Doctor Who?

Victoria Beckham Can’t Sing, Can’t Sew, But She “Helps You Go To The Loo Without Palaver”

So Victoria Beckham‘s career of bad singing was just a calculated prelude to a career making bad clothes? She admits to The Times: “I was never that good a singer but I think I am good at fashion.

Maybe Britney Spears and Sarah Silverman Can Form a Support Group

X Factor viewers were outraged that Britney Spears mimed through her performance of “Womanizer” on Saturday’s show.