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  • It’s the feud we’ve all been waiting for: Lily Allen vs. Katy Perry. Allen has slammed the “I Kissed a Girl” singer: “When I met her I was bit frosty with her because someone asked her to describe herself. She’s like, ‘Aha, I’m like a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen!’. It’s like, you’re not English and you don’t write your own songs, shut up!” (Entertainmentwise)

  • Did Blake Fielder-Civil give Amy Winehouse drugs – while she was in rehab?(The Sun)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick weighs in on the Coldplay plagiarism lawsuit, citing a YouTube video posted in June that compares “Viva La Vida” with Joe Satriani‘s “If I Could Fly.” “It’s not just that the basic chord progression is identical, it is in the same key, with the same melody line and is played at the same bpm (beats per minute). The tunes match up so closely, you can play one on top of the other. Indeed, maybe they should just do that, release it as a Christmas single on a two for one offer and divide the royalties up between them.”
  • Blur – yes, all four original members – will reunite for a concert this summer. And maybe Glastonbury.(BBC)
  • Why Blur couldn’t have reunited without Graham Coxon.(BBC)
  • Victoria Beckham: no longer just two baseballs on a stick.(Daily Mail)
  • An injured David Tennant is missing performances of Hamlet in London.(Daily Mail)
  • Cheryl Cole and the stylist for her Vogue cover clashed during the shoot. (The Sun)
  • The feud between Jordan and Kerry Katona is getting nasty.(The Sun)
  • Vinnie Jones shows off his battle scars.(The Sun)
  • An EastEnders actor lashed out at two of his female co-stars (one of whom is Bad Girls star Linda Henry) in a comedy routine, saying one “had a face like a bulldog licking p*** off a thistle” and the other “[was so big] I got on top of her and burnt my a*** on the lightbulb.”(The Sun)
  • Dido sings lyrics from an IRA song in her song, “Let’s Do the Things We Normally Do,” which has drawn criticism from a member of the British Parliament.(Guardian)
  • A 13-year-old opera prodigy has slipped through Simon Cowell‘s fingers.(The Times)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.