For Your Consideration as Doctor Who: Sophie Okonedo

Female scientists are lobbying for a female Doctor Who, and many people say it’s time for a black Timelord. What about a black female Doctor Who? Folks, I offer you Sophie Okonedo. She reflects multi-cultural Britain in a way that most actors cannot; she’s of Nigerian and Jewish heritage, and she’s London born-and-raised. Her acting talent is beyond question; she’s RADA-trained, she was Oscar-nominated for her role as Don Cheadle‘s wife in Hotel Rwanda, and the sleeper success of The Secret Life of Bees means she’s a hot commodity right now. She can play cheeky, she can play dark, she can play badass, and she can play eccentric. And she already has Doctor Who credentials: Okonedo voiced Alison Cheney in the Doctor Who animated series, Scream of the Shalka. The lady rocks, and she would make a crackin’ Timelord. Your thoughts?

In other news:

  • Robert Carlyle is lobbying for a Robert Carlyle Doctor Who.(Stv)
  • Russell T. Davies is developing a TV drama titled The Fabulous Baker Boys, which, oddly, isn’t a remake of the Michelle Pfeiffer ’80s classic.(Digital Spy)
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  • Boy George‘s lawyer employs the fat-ass defense for his client: “With the greatest of respect to George O’Dowd, he is not someone you could describe as terribly fit. He has put on a few pounds since the 1980s. He is not going to be a match for Audun Carlsen.” (Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse‘s husband has been sent back to the slammer for failing a drug test.(The Independent)
  • Gary Barlow of Take That slams Britney: “I don’t see the point of Britney anymore, she was rubbish on [X Factor]. I think she’s more famous than she deserves to be now.”(Mirror)
  • Was Leona Lewis‘ “Bleeding Love” the song of 2008?(EW)
  • Girls Aloud will open for Coldplay at their big Wembley gig next September.(BBC)
  • Paul O’Grady, the British TV presenter who appears on this weekend’s Graham Norton, was bitten by a “4 ft. adder” that came out of some wood he was loading to his fireplace. “Paul thought his time was up. He thought it might be a foreign poisonous snake at first and was absolutely terrified.”(Daily Record)
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  • The lengths John Cleese must go to in order to kiss his much-shorter, much-younger girlfriend.(Daily Mail)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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