Monthly Archives: November 2008

Riz MC Guest Blogs For Anglophenia

Riz Ahmed, star of BBC AMERICA’s two-part miniseries, Britz, is not just a tremendously gifted actor; he’s also a mad-talented hip-hop artist producing music under the moniker, Riz MC. Equally influenced by KRS-One and …

Robert Carlyle: Scotland’s Film Industry Sucks

Actor (and possible Doctor Who prospect) Robert Carlyle decries the state of the Scottish “film industry”: “We don’t have a film industry here. I would argue that vehemently.

Could Skins’ Dev Patel Land an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire?

Could Skins fans see resident horndog Anwar Kharral walk up to the podium when the Academy Awards air next February? It could happen, folks: Danny Boyle‘s Mumbai-set saga Slumdog Millionaire has become the year’s breakout …

The Incredible Shrinking Ms. Beckham

Victoria Beckham isn’t just hanging by a thread, she is the thread; is it due to hubby David Beckham being shipped off to Italy? I say she should go with him: she could use the carbs.

John Simm: I Am The Master, Not Doctor Who

John Simm says being in nearly every scene of Life On Mars was grueling: “I thought I was going to have a breakdown at one point….Christ, I can’t stand actors who complain about their jobs.

Robert Pattinson Wants To Be Doctor Who? Who Is Robert Pattinson?

The suddenly ubiquitous Robert Pattinson (see here, here, here – oh, and here), British star of the upcoming Twilight, says he’d be open to playing Doctor Who. Asked if he would be up for it, he told Chicago Tribune: …

Are Chiwetel Ejiofor, Colin Salmon Who-Worthy?

More Doctor Who speculation…The Stage‘s Mark Wright puts forward the oft-mentioned Chiwetel Ejiofor. Here’s a clip of Ejiofor from the Joss Whedon film, Serenity: he has gravitas, that guy.

Can Britain Elect Its Own Barack Obama?

One week ago, the U.S. reached a milestone of electing a black president; could Britain match this achievement and elect a black Prime Minister?

Jessica Biel Fears the Rourke

Actress Jessica Biel and the animated corpse formerly known as Mickey Rourke recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show. That episode, which has aired in the UK, has been pushed back to January here in the States to follow the American …

The British Are Humorlessness Cranks Who Hate Other People’s Success?

Stand-up comedian Danny Bhoy criticizes English audiences for their humorlessness: “In England they’ve got no time for comedy,” he said. “They don’t laugh at all. They have no muscles in their faces.