Monthly Archives: October 2008

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Tell Us What We Already Knew

LMAO! What’s that about their marriage being fine?

Pamela Anderson on Jordan: “I Have No Idea How She Became Famous”

Pamela Anderson has slammed her big-boobed British counterpart, Jordan: “I have no idea how she became famous. [Anglophenia note: um, she posed topless for a rag. Kinda like you did, Pammy.

Report: David Tennant NOT Leaving Doctor Who…For a While

David Tennant will stay on as Doctor Who‘s Timelord until at least 2011, The Daily Telegraph is reporting. Insiders say he has one caveat: there must be a Doctor Who movie.

OK, How Much Does Gretchen Mol Suck on Life On Mars?

Liz White, Annie on the original UK version of Life On Mars, doesn’t get enough credit for her contribution to that show. After all, she probably had the toughest part to play as Sam Tyler’s love interest, sparring partner, …

Life On Mars Remake “Surprisingly Good”

Tonight is the much-anticipated premiere of ABC’s remake of Life On Mars, the critically-acclaimed British series which aired right here on BBC AMERICA. The new U.

Doctor Who Has Made Catherine Tate a Hot Hollywood Commodity

She’s on fire: is Catherine Tate set to star opposite Liam Neeson in a Hollywood film? (The Sun)

Absolutely Fabulous Is Finally Being Americanized

Years after Roseanne Barr and Carrie Fisher tried and failed, there’s finally going to be an official U.S.

Gordon Ramsay: “I Want to Be the Culinary Simon Cowell!”

The Daily Telegraph‘s Andrew Pierce profiles Gordon Ramsay, who says, “I am not copying Simon Cowell but it is clever what he has done, how he has masterminded and reinvented pop. It is clever to be in a position to search …

Boy George Gives His Verdict on Winehouse, Madonna, George Michael

Someone on trial for chaining an escort to a wall might want to sit this one out, but not Boy George. Our man will speak his mind.

Which is Scarier: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Face or Kate Moss’ Crotch?

Is Catherine Zeta-Jones auditioning for an Al Jolson biopic or did she forget her mirror when applying her bronzer? Lord ha’mercy.