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  • Sales of Fawlty Towers DVDs are up 30 percent in the past week. Hmm. I wonder why. It’s not like Fawlty Towers has been in the news recently or anything.

  • John Cleese doesn’t have many kind words for his most recent ex-wife: “In my 70th year I will be spending two months a year doing work that is of no interest to me and which is probably slightly spiritually depleting in order to feed the beast.” Maybe all those Fawlty Towers DVD sales will help out…(Telegraph)
  • X-Men co-stars Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are re-teaming for a new stage production of Waiting For Godot.(BBC)
  • Russell T. Davies is one person who won’t speculate on who’ll be the next Doctor Who. “I’m not saying, because I’ve got no say in it. If I name some man they will have people at their doors. My voice has too much power.”(Wales Online)
  • Kate Moss goes without face spackle, and The Sun goes apesh**. “An unconcerned Kate did nothing to conceal signs of her 34 years of age – or the unattractive scab under her nose – en route to California. ” Wow, all of 34 years old? Put the poor old cow out to pasture.
  • Fergie appears to have hired Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ makeup artist. Or maybe she intended to look like a partially ripened pumpkin. (Daily Mail)
  • America, where UK reality stars come to die: Kerry Katona will try and make her sedative slur into a Nashville drawl, and George Sampson hopes we’ll forget breakdancing peaked as an art about 25 years ago.

  • Duffy‘s Michael Jackson moment: “Somebody came in and said, ‘Is someone cooking chicken?'”(The Sun)
  • Amy Winehouse has given up crack for something that kinda looks like crack.(Daily Mail)
  • Is Madonna harassing Guy Ritchie with bizarre text messages?(Mirror)
  • Beatles songs have been licensed for use in a video game from the makers of Rock Band.(BBC)
  • The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw says Quantum of Solace is a bit of letdown after Casino Royale: “I have to confess that this second Bond adventure disappointed me a little: it’s not nearly as smart as [Daniel] Craig‘s debut. There is not much storyline or romance – although there is some hotel-suite action with a sexy British agent called Fields, played by Gemma Arterton, who greets Bond at the airport apparently wearing nothing but a raincoat, like some sort of MI6 stripogram. (And incidentally, the objection I levelled at Casino Royale remains in force. Why on earth is the classic Bond theme tune saved until the end?)”
  • Sean Bean is Sharpe once again.(Daily Mail)
  • Kenneth Branagh hopes his new TV detective series “will do for his movie profile what Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison did for Helen Mirren‘s: catapult him right back to the top of the poster billing.”(The Independent)

  • A woman who “subjected Doctor Who actress Billie Piper to constant phone calls warning that she would be decapitated, her body burned, and her parents shot” has avoided a jail sentence.(ITN)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.