Monthly Archives: September 2008

Congrats to Footballers Wive$’ Zoe Lucker (Tanya) On Her New Baby!

Footballers Wive$ star Zoe Lucker is “gushing” over her newborn baby Lily Alabama (I’m a Lucker fan so I’m not going to comment on that middle name). She tells Hello!

Could Duffy Be the Next Amy Winehouse For All The Wrong Reasons?

She’s beggin’ us for mercy: Duffy says she’s “borderline on a nervous breakdown” due to her newfound fame: “I have sold my soul and I’m no longer anonymous.

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson Are ‘All Grows Up’

The critics love Daniel Radcliffe in New York.(Telegraph)

Three Days Until the Premiere of Little Britain USA

The new U.S.

Is an American Doctor Who a Possibility? Plus: Graham Norton in La Cage Aux Folles?

Could we Yanks be getting our own Timelord? The Stage‘s Mark Wright speculates on why Jane Tranter, the BBC controller of fiction, has headed out to L.A.

American Office: “Dysfunctional,” “Unfunny,” “Rubbish”

The Guardian‘s Steven Wells says the U.S.

Top Gear Co-Host Richard Hammond as Doctor Who? Seriously?

Many fans of Top Gear host Richard Hammond are petitioning to get him cast as the Timelord. I’ve never actually seen the guy act, but he does have a Tennant-esque quality that could work.

Catherine Tate Teaches You How To Write Comedy. Plus: Merlin Reviews Are In!

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Talking Movies: Ricky Gervais “Is Better Than Ghost Town”

Like many of his fans, I share the view that Ricky Gervais can do no wrong – so I was quite intrigued when I learned he was taking on the leading role in a Hollywood romantic comedy called Ghost Town.

Spoilerish: Yet Another Doctor Who Secret Revealed

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