Americans, Stop Hating On Victoria Beckham: That’s Our Job, Says British Writer

  • The Mirror‘s Polly Hudson defends Victoria Beckham against her American critics: “Slagging off the unofficial Queen of our country is nothing short of blasphemy. Yes, Posh may be a totally ridiculous creature, but she’s OUR totally ridiculous creature. It’s like the way it’s fine to slate your own family (particularly in a national newspaper) but out of order if anyone else does.”
  • The Daily Mail‘s A N Wilson writes a vicious condemnation of novelist Sir Salman Rushdie. “Rushdie is a conceited man whom it is impossible either to take seriously or like. Naughty? No – he is too pompous, too self- centered, too much of an egomaniac to be described as naughty. But nice? No, not nice in the very least. Don’t forget that this is the man who, having won the Booker with Midnight’s Children and become rich on the back of it, simply could not bear it when another of his novels failed to win the prize again.” (Rushdie is on this Friday’s Newsnight)
  • Pete Doherty reveals he still isn’t over Kate Moss, says he feels sorry for Amy Winehouse (God help you if Pete Doherty feels sorry for you), and hits out at a prominent British politician in a new interview. (Telegraph)
  • Steven Moffat continues to make the publicity rounds as new showrunner for Doctor Who. His latest interview is with Monsters and Critics. Choice quote: “I think there is a great, fantastic philosophy behind Doctor Who – he is open-minded – the Doctor is the ultimate liberal. By which I mean, he tells everyone what to do and blows up the planet if they disobey!”
  • Gordon Ramsay shocked viewers of The F-Word when he snapped the neck of a puffin and ate its heart raw.(The Sun)
  • Gordon Ramsay reveals his secret to looking fit on the beach: “Get a wetsuit two sizes too small so you look really buff. It sucks everything in. You just stand there all nice and buffed up in this amazing wetsuit and everyone’s saying, ‘Hey look at him. Chef Ramsey – he looks fit.’ Bulls**t – it’s my wetsuit.”(The Sun)
  • Julia Roberts‘ actress niece, 17-year-old Emma Roberts, has the hots for James McAvoy. “He has an amazing body. I was dying in the cinema – I thought ‘I just love you.'” Take a number, sweetie.(Daily Record)
  • Sadie Frost‘s design label has gone under, owing creditors what amounts to $8 million in debt.(Mirror)
  • Sorry, Duffy: Alicia Keys and Jack White, lead singer of The White Stripes, will record the new Bond theme. Rosie Swash of The Guardian weighs in on this choice.
  • Duffy comes out in support of illegal downloading of music. “It basically gives people access, what’s the harm in that?”(Guardian)
Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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