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  • I’m sure you’ve already heard this on the news: Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital yesterday after fainting at her home. She remains in the hospital as doctors run tests. However, thus far, there’s no explanation for the mysterious fainting spell. (Is a baby on board? God, I hope not, and the reason why should be clear.) And the circumstances surrounding her collapse seem just as fuzzy: did a manager’s assistant catch Amy or did she, as The Sun reports, “fall down a flight of stairs, spraining her ankle.” Or did she faint doing… “admin work”?

  • The New York Times did a lengthy profile on Doctor Who and Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies.
  • Bad news for the U.S. remake of Life On Mars from the New York Post: “Mars has suddenly been thrown into chaos, with producers shifting the action from its original LA setting to New York, scripts being rewritten and several key roles being recast. The understanding is that ABC brass felt the show would be more easily accepted by viewers if it reminded them of ’70s crime films like Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, and The French Connection.”
  • Naomi Campbell frolics in the sea with new Brazilian love puppet.(Daily Mail)
  • Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley got the giggles on morning TV.(Daily Mail)
  • Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida” looks likely to be the band’s first UK No. 1 single.(NME)
  • Clearly, Cheryl Cole isn’t cruel enough to be an X Factor judge. “Cheryl has found it hard-going. She thought the auditions were going to be a laugh. But when wannabes come on with their life stories it can get quite harrowing. Cheryl has sat there crying quite a lot. It really reminds her of her own background and start in music.” (The Sun)
  • Is Cheryl’s newfound profile overshadowing her bandmates? The Daily Mail says there’s a growing rift between her and the other members of Girls Aloud, particularly Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle.
  • It’s Duffy‘s world, and we just live in it: not only did she win Song of the Year at last night’s MOJOs, she’s now rumored to be doing the James Bond theme.
  • Paul Weller doesn’t think she’s all that: he allegedly gave Duffy the cold shoulder at last night’s MOJO ceremony for snubbing a duet with him. Don’t mess with the Modfather.(Mirror)
  • John Lydon gave this gracious, eloquent speech at last night’s MOJOs: “You’re all cowards. Look around you. Look at what Britain is becoming. You can’t drink, you can’t smoke. All I see in this room is just a bunch of mellow p**** wipes. What we did in the Sex Pistols had integrity. Celebrate the Pistols. We are what made Britain great. I accept this award on the Pistols’ behalf you f******.” Yes, he’s says all that as he makes his way to his swanky L.A. home…(The Sun)
  • Well, Dot off of EastEnders agrees with Johnny Rotten, at least when it comes to the smoking ban in Britain. 81-year-old actress June Brown says, “You can’t go anywhere and smoke now – it’s ruined my life. It’s ruined the whole end of my life. At my age, I should be allowed concessions. I should be allowed to do as I please.”(The Sun)
  • Kooks frontman Luke Prickhard Pritchard has lost his erection for Carmen Electra, has moved on to Agyness Deyn.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.