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  • The gays sure love Doctor Who and Torchwood. asked its primarily gay readership to select their choices for the hottest male celebrities, and the votes have been tallied. The Whoniverse claims three spots on the AfterElton Hot 100, with openly gay icon John Barrowman riding the Torchwood wave up to No. 2. (Jake Gyllenhaal won the poll for the second year in a row.) Impressively, Gareth David-Lloyd, who came into his own as Jack’s boy toy Ianto in Season 2, jumps into the list at No. 11 – right ahead of David Beckham! (Not even Becks’ bulge could compete with David-Lloyd’s sexy Welsh vowels). The Timelord himself, David Tennant, makes his first appearance on the Hot 100 at No. 33. Congrats to all three of the boys: I’m sure Russell T. Davies is proud. Other Brits on the list include The History BoysRussell Tovey, Jude Law, The TudorsHenry Cavill, Jason Statham, HollyoaksJames Sutton, Clive Owen, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, Gerard Butler, Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber, Christian Bale, Brothers and SistersMatthew Rhys, and, yes, Anglophenia fave Daniel Craig.

  • Incest is best: David Tennant is reported to be dating his on-screen daughter, actress Georgia Moffett, by The Daily Mail. The Mail also notes that Moffett is the daughter of actor Peter Davison, a former timelord himself.
  • Torchwood‘s Season Three will have only five episodes, exec producer Julie Gardner has confirmed.
  • Jeremy Clarkson explains why people watch Top Gear: “I think, however, that its main appeal is this: when something goes wrong for one of us, the others don’t rush over with furrowed brows, concerned tones, and a silver post-car-crash blanket. Instead, we point and laugh. ‘Ha ha ha. Look. James’ head has exploded.’ And that makes a refreshing change in a world full of counselors and sobbing footballers.”(The Times)
  • Kudos, the production company behind MI-5 and Life On Mars, is going international for its next drama: Burn Up, a thriller about “the battle between economic success and ecological responsibility,” which star The West Wing‘s Bradley Whitford, Neve Campbell, MI-5‘s Rupert Penry-Jones, and Hustle‘s Marc Warren. It airs next month on BBC2 in the UK.(TV Scoop)
  • Kumars star Sanjeev Bhaskar is set to play King Arthur in a London production of Spamalot.(The Stage)
  • Thandie Newton is “in talks” to play Danny Glover‘s daughter in an “apocalyptic” film by Independence Day director Roland Emmerich.(Guardian)
  • Michael Bublé says he’ll never marry Emily Blunt: “We will never be getting married. Never. I know I had indicated we would but now it’s a total no-no.” Mmmm, sounds like Em picked herself a winner, doesn’t it?(Mirror)
  • Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell have “made amends,” ending their feud with an embrace at a fashion awards ceremony in New York. Perhaps Posh offered to whip up a stunning orange jumpsuit for when Naomi goes to jail. (Mirror)
  • Prince William has started his naval training – but caught a slight case of nerves while slipping the ship’s anchor.(The Times)
  • Princess Beatrice has been sentenced to three hours of hard labor a day.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse‘s skin keeps on getting worse.(Daily Mail)
  • You can find Radiohead‘s entire back catalog on iTunes today.(BBC)
  • Mike Skinner of The Streets has announced that his fifth album will be his last: it’ll be “dark and futuristic,” he says.(Guardian)
  • Yoko Ono has lost a copyright infringement court battle with producers of a documentary who used a short clip of John Lennon‘s “Imagine” in their film.(BBC)
  • Kylie Minogue is too sexy for Coldplay. Does this surprise anyone?(The Sun)
  • Peter Gabriel has started, a music recommendations site. Gabriel told The Times why he started this new venture: “People are drowning in choice. The web has brought us freedom of choice but once people get that, they realize they want freedom from choice. This lets them take control over who is giving them recommendations about things like music and film, so they can make better choices.”
  • Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys is set to work with Tony Christie, the “Is This the Way to Amarillo?” balladeer. (Mirror)
  • Sounds like he’s really moving on: Pete Doherty has bought a portrait of his ex Kate Moss for £5000.(The Sun)
  • Popjustice alerts us to a Dizzee Rascal/Calvin Harris duet and two new Sophie Ellis-Bextor tracks, one of which is produced by none other than…Calvin Harris.
  • Lily Allen will play a lesbian vampire killer!(The Sun)
  • Leah Hackett, Tina from Hollyoaks, shows some skin in her boyfriend’s new music video.(The Sun)
  • The details of the death of a BBC DJ have come out: Kevin Greening, who hosted BBC1’s breakfast show in the late ’90s, is said to have died from a drug overdose during a “bondage sex session” with his boyfriend, officials told a court. BBC NEWS reports, “On the day he died, he had been in a leather sling attached to scaffolding in the bedroom of the flat occupied by his boyfriend Sean Griffin, the inquest heard. At the time, the inquest heard, Mr Greening was still wearing a rubber suit and had cling film and ‘gaffer tape’ around him. ” Greening’s boyfriend added, “Kevin and I had a very happy and very vigorous sex life. It was not conventional by heterosexual norms perhaps but it was a sex life which was vigorous and imaginative and we enjoyed each other.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.