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  • Was Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want scheme for In Rainbows a failure? U2‘s manager Paul McGuinness – who knows a thing or two about making successful albums – thinks so. He told BBC NEWS that “sixty to 70% of the people who downloaded the record stole it anyway, even though it was available for free.” And, furthermore, “internet monitoring company Comscore found only 38% of downloaders willingly paid, while the others who accessed Radiohead’s website gave nothing.”

  • Congrats to Torchwood, which won LOGO’s NewNowNext Award for Best Kiss for Ianto and Captain Jack’s steamy snog.
  • Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie finally splitting? Word has it that Madonna has hired a powerful divorce attorney in the UK.
  • Michelle Obama‘s “whitey” video has been discovered, and there’s a shocking British connection.
  • Hugh Grant and Chinese star Zhang Ziyi will star in a romantic comedy with a twist. “They are planning to cast [Zhang] as a Chinese film-maker trying to get Brit actor Hugh Grant to appear in one of her movies. Their relationship is conducted entirely through a translator, who also happens to have a romantic interest in Grant. And so, Ziyi’s lack of English becomes the focal point for the comedy, and a positive rather than a negative. Clever, huh?” (Guardian)
  • Amy Winehouse‘s husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, offered $400,000 to the man he beat up.(The Times)
  • Amy WInehouse sets a new standard for unflattering mugshots.(The Sun)
  • The Sun is “confirming” that Cheryl Cole will replace Sharon Osbourne on X Factor. Dannii Minogue had better watch out; Sharon was all bark and little bite, but Cheryl will slap a b*tch.
  • Sharon admits she asked for too much money from X Factor producers. Oh, and she requested that Dannii Minogue “be kept in a tank of water with sharks” during filming.(Mirror)
  • Fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh blames Dannii for Sharon’s departure and says Ms. Minogue should have been the one to leave. He told The Sunday Mirror: “It’s not contracts or money, it’s Dannii. They don’t get on at all and she wasn’t happy with the situation. Sharon has walked off, she’s gone. Why didn’t they give Dannii the boot instead?” Found via Now Magazine. Sounds like Dannii is quite the little Eve Harrington, doesn’t it?
  • The Mirror makes a funny: “Understandably the bookies are hesitant to lay odds on Osbourne’s replacement. Indeed, they make Sharon [a] 4/6 favorite to replace herself – something her plastic surgeon is doing bit by bit.”
  • Did Lily Allen dye her hair pink because of Sandi Thom‘s new album, The Pink and the Lily? That’s what Sandi thinks: “Is it purely coincidence that she decided to dye her hair pink at the same time I release an album called The Pink And The Lily? Maybe she feels guilty about bad-mouthing me and she loves the album? Or maybe she thinks it is a tribute to her?” I think Ms. Thom overestimates the impact she has on humanity.(Daily Record)
  • Lily Allen had dinner with LoRo in L.A. yesterday.(Digital Spy)
  • Jason Statham and Ray Winstone will star in the film version of the British ’70s TV cop classic, The Sweeney.(The Sun)
  • Dog Eat Dog host Ulrika Jonsson gave birth to a 10-lb baby.(Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.