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  • Even The Daily Telegraph, which, last time I checked, isn’t a rag, is covering Lily Allen‘s unfortunate drunken exit from last night’s Glamour Women of the Year awards, in which she had to be BUNDLED like a sack of rice in the arms of a bouncer and thrown out in a sad, pathetic heap (photo at link). Lily’s had a rough year, we all know this, but damn, get it together, girl.

  • The Mirror has a closer look at Lily Allen‘s pink hair. I actually like it.
  • More from last night’s awards in The Sun.
  • Sienna Miller has allegedly dumped one Rhys for another Rhys.(The Sun)
  • Mel B. has become Mel Double D.(The Sun)
  • Daniel Radcliffe, soon to bare all on Broadway in Equus, will present a Tony Award on Sunday, fully clothed (to the disappointment of many, I know).(Gold Derby)
  • Gordon Ramsay mentored a 16-year-old student chef in the UK – and apparently, he was quite nice to her.
  • The new James Bond novel has smashed sales records for Penguin Books, dwarfing previous sales by authors Tom Clancy and Nick Hornby.(BBC)
  • Arthur Conan Doyle must be rotating like schwarma on a spit in his grave: Guy Ritchie has been tapped to write/direct an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes movies.(Toronto Star)
  • An author, born male, divorced his wife in 1972 and had a sex-change operation shortly thereafter. The newly-female Jan Morris continued to live with his wife, and now they’ve had a lesbian civil partnership ceremony in Wales. Eat your gender-bending heart out, All My Children. (BBC)
  • Actors Alfred Molina and Sir Ben Kingsley have joined Mike Newell‘s adaptation of the Prince of Persia video game series.(Digital Spy)
  • Michael Parkinson is now Sir Michael Parkinson.(The Times)
  • Shades of Footballers Wive$: troubled UK football coach Paul Gascoigne has asked to be institutionalized under Britain’s Mental Health Act for “his own safety.”(Mirror)
  • Exhausted from a long day of biting homeless people, Alan Davies is returning to Jonathan Creek for a one-off Christmas special.(The Stage)
  • Andy Nicholson, the bassist who left Arctic Monkeys, will release an album with his new band, Mongrel.(Contact Music)
  • Nigel Godrich, famed Radiohead producer, will work on the album for The Mighty Boosh?(NME)
  • The Cribs and Johnny Marr are collaborating.(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.