Anglo For Your Ear: This Mortal Coil’s “Song to the Siren”

Has this song been featured on more film soundtracks than any other? Seems that way. Picture it: the protagonist is journeying through the desert, pained yet determined after a long-fought battle, haze rising in the distance. Cue “Song to the Siren” with its prayer-like, vaguely Middle Eastern feel. The vocalist is none other than Elizabeth Fraser, lead singer of Cocteau Twins, and the song itself is a Tim Buckley cover. This version, performed by a selection of artists on the 4AD record label under the name This Mortal Coil, was released in 1984, and its popularity has steadily grown ever since.

This Mortal Coil - It'll End in Tears - Song to the Siren Download This Mortal Coil’s “Song to the Siren”

Kevin Wicks

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